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About Owens Consulting

Owens Consulting has been providing IT consulting and customized software development to the business community since 1988.  Our primary goal was to assist business owners with the transition to and incorporation of computers into their businesses.  Which, has led to helping them keep up with the continued and rapid advances in technology.


Above all other IT functions, reliable data backup is critical to surviving today's challenging IT environment.  Businesses were concerned about protecting their data, but didn't want the personnel costs associated with performing computer backup duties.  They also wanted to cut down on the cost of media and the hassle of keeping track of off-site storage rotations.

In 2002 Web-backups On-line Data Protection Service began providing an effective Off-site data backup solution to our customers.  The backup process is easy to setup and even easier to use.  Once the critical files are selected and a schedule set, our service does the rest.

We have a strong commitment in protecting our customers data. It doesn't stop with simply storing it on our servers.  If desired, we'll come to your site and install the software for you. Help you set it up so that you understand how it all works.  In the event of a disaster we can create a self contained restore data set and deliver it to you within hours.

This year we are expanding the client side of our software to provide the ability to copy or backup data locally to CD, DVD, a Network Drive, or an external disk drive and to create a "Disaster Recovery Disk", just in case.  We feel this provides our customers more backup options, as well as the ability to create "snapshots" of their data at any time.  Read More About Services

There are a lot of On-line backup services out there in the cloud.  We believe that our dedication to our customers, our available on-site services and the knowledge of actually knowing where your data is stored sets our service apart from the others.


Dedication to our customers satisfaction sets us apart from other "cloud" storage services.

Personalized Service.

On-site Support and Training.

Knowing where your data really is.