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Computer Data Loss.  Are you at Risk?

If your computer fails, it can be repaired or replaced, it's just hardware. But what about your important data? Can it be replaced?

Back up Regularly

Do you back up your data on a regular basis?  Is your backup media stored in a safe secure location away from your office or home?

How valuable is this computer data to you or your business, household or student?

Web-Backups Online Data Protection Service can help you protect your critical data from loss no matter how it gets damaged. 

Here's how:  Using a secure internet connection and our advanced software, your data is transmitted to our secure servers for off-site storage. Your data is encrypted and compressed before being transmitted and is stored on our servers encrypted and compressed.  Only you control the key to unlock the encryption.

Our software is very easy to use and understand. Once installed on your computer, our setup wizard will guide you through selecting the files to back up and setting up your back up schedule.

Don't feel comfortable installing software?  We'll come to your facility and set it up for you.  Then together we'll go through the file selection and scheduling, so you understand how it all works.  We can even create the first "Full Backup" of your data while there.  We then "pre-load" your initial back up directly to the back up server. 

Web-backups Solutions are:

  • Affordable - Prices starting at pennies a day.
  • Secure - Data is encrypted and compressed. 
  • Easy to Use - Our software allows you to set it up and forget about the boring task of backing up to CD or other media.
  • No Hardware to buy and maintain
  • Available 24/7 - Our servers are ready and waiting to service your on-line, off-site storage needs.
  • Saves you time and effort while providing the highest level of data protection.
  • Saves you money by greatly reducing the personnel time associated with maintaining off-site back ups and reduces expenses related to off-site back media.

What would happen to your business if critical information like customer records, inventories, sales and marketing materials, financial and employee data was lost or corrupt?  Could you recover it?  Are you sure?


Think about what you would you do if you lost all of the data on your home computer.  Financial data, spreadsheets, correspondence, e-mails, picture albums and music collections, your kids homework project.  Could you recover any of it?  Are you sure?


Your laptop contains important data like contacts, databases, e-mails, presentations and much more.  What if your laptop failed or was lost or stolen and all of you data was gone.  Could you recover any of it?  Are you sure?

Perfect For

Any Small to Medium Business

Law  Offices

Doctor & Dental Offices

Retail Stores

Auto Repair Shops

Many Others